Get your hands dirty and your mind creating in clay.  I have put together a variety of offerings to keep on making in the comfort of your own home or in small groups in a space of your choosing.  Online workshops available for you to do at your own pace with a youtube tutorial.  All in-person classes are portable, so I bring everything to you and you create in your own space!  This means you provide the Comox Valley location and gather the people you want to share a class with.  All classes will meet current Covid protocols.  But hey, you can wear your jammies, drink whatever you want, and either stay at home working at your own pace online or enjoy plenty of direct in-person instruction with your bubble of closest people!

“It was so much fun! Thanks so much for all the lessons and all the laughs!”

– Lynn Swift, ClayParty

Class Schedule

“I’m filled to the brim with creativity and inspiration”

– Maxine Cunningham, Date Night.

“Ramona was great, easily approachable and knowledgeable.  Enjoyed everything about it. This was a Christmas gift for my mum and it was well spent money and such a great way to spend time together. Thanks Ramona!”

– Sarah Vallentine, 4 week class