Vessel - image ready (custom drawing included)

Vessel - image ready (custom drawing included)

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Custom vessel with ink & watercolour drawing.

This vessel is ready to be customized.  We will come up with a design for a drawing together, I will send a rough sketch of the drawing layout.  Once final drawing is complete, it will be fired onto the vessel, resulting in a permanent one-of-a-kind vessel.  Both the vessel and original art is included.

Vessels FAQ

Are your vessels used as cremation urns?

Often yes but not necessarily. They are created individually with much time, thought and intention and are designed and sized to be used for special occasion/ceremony. However, the intended use is completely up to the client and they have been used for many things. Often they are pre-purchased, serving as a reservoir for the living to leave instructions, letters and mementos for a time until later functioning as an urn.

How do I order a custom vessel?

Yes. I rarely list plates or bowls for sale because often people want a specific number and I prefer to make them all at once.

How long will my vessel take to make?

I try to keep blank vessels in stock to expediate the process. Assuming I have one in stock, then it will be 4 weeks to finish the piece.

If you need this very quickly, for an additional cost $50 I can have it ready in 1 week. The additional cost accounts for needing to fire the vessel in it’s own kiln load instead of waiting for a full kiln.

If I have run out of blank vessels, it will be 10 weeks from start to finish. This should show when ordering and if it gets missed, I will reach out to anyone who has ordered an ‘out-of-stock’ vessel to confirm the wait time.

“The urn is absolutely beautiful!
Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. You went above and beyond.”

– Michele Venables & family