Buoy lamp - Green
Buoy lamp - Green
Buoy lamp - Green
Buoy lamp - Green
Buoy lamp - Green

Buoy lamp - Green

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Inspired by west coast ocean buoys, this handmade porcelain pendant is perfect for your beach house, forest cabin, reading nook, or what-have-you. Add ambience and character with one-of-a-kind lighting.  Pairs great with other buoys and looks especially good as a duo with a cylindrical buoy... mix and match!

Unglazed translucent porcelain is bright white and glows a warm golden when lit, which contrasts beautifully with the glassy coloured glaze.  

Diameter 6", height 5.5"

Custom orders are possible with a range of colour options, message for more info.

Lighting Notes

  • Hardware options may differ from the hardware the lamp was photographed with.
  • All pieces are handmade, therefore slight variation is to be expected. Shape and roundness is not exact. Sizes are within a half inch of listed dimensions. Carvings may be slightly different from photo.
  • Lighting looks very different under different illumination levels, I include photos to show the range from unlit (white) to lit in a dark room (glowing golden), please scroll through all the photos.

“I absolutely love my fern pendent lamp. Excellent design and workmanship. It was exactly as in the photo and description. I would highly recommend.”

– Janice, Etsy customer.

“The shades arrived safe and sound, and I absolutely love them! Your work is beautiful.”

– Laurisa Dohm

“Customer service is excellent. I was able to view several products before selecting my item for purchase. The lamp is both functional and a work of art. We will enjoy the lamp’s light and beauty for years.”

– Trudy Beaton, local customer.