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via ZOOM!

Four weeks of learning clay foundational skills.  Each of the first three weeks I will introduce a new hand-building technique (pinching, coiling, soft-slab), leaving the third week for you to explore your own project.  Zoom instruction will last one hour every Wednesday, at which point I will sign off but if you are in the zone and want to keep working on yours, all good!  Tools and enough clay for four projects will be included in the clay kit.  Finished pieces will be fired and glazed by me (blue, green or white) and delivered back to you within 8 weeks.

Dates: April 13th - May 4th

Approximate length: 1 hour every Wednesday X 4 weeks.

Online Classes FAQ

Which option should I choose?


Tutorial only

Do you already have supplies/tools/kiln etc and just want guidance through the project?

  • Purchase 'tutorial only' and receive tutorial link via email within one business day.  
  • Complete project at your leisure
  • Firing and glazing not included.
  • https://www.kilnshare.com/ is a useful resource to find firing services near you. 


Comox Valley Locals - all included

Do you live in the Comox Valley and want a fun project to do at home solo or with someone?

  • Register for class by registration deadline, note the dates.
  • Took kit delivered to your door (Comox Valley only) on specific date, to be returned at end of class.  Ensure you include any necessary instructions for delivery, including where to leave it if no one is home.
  • You have two weeks to complete project at your leisure
  • I pick up pieces and the tool kit on specific date (listed in each class description). Have your pieces and kit ready and out somewhere for me to find and access easily.
  • I complete the firings and glazing
  • Pick up final pieces at my Merville studio after I let you know they are complete. (Firing times subject to my studio kiln schedule).

Note: If you miss putting your pieces and kit out for pickup, it becomes your responsibility to get you creations to my Merville studio for firing.


Beyond the Comox Valley - clay kit option

Do you have somewhere to fire your pieces and want a clay kit to keep and continue creating with?

Note: Clay provided by me is a cone 6 stoneware, anyone firing your pieces will want to know that.  Not everyone will be open to firing other artists work, be mindful and please do your research before registering.  https://www.kilnshare.com/ is a useful resource to find firing services near you.

  • Purchase 'beyond the CV - clay kit option' and receive tutorial link via email within one business day.
  • Clay kit will be sent via Canada post expedited parcel within 3 business days.


What is provided in the Clay Kit?

  • Required amount of clay (450g)
  • Canvas to work on
  • Cutting & carving tool
  • Metal rib tool
  • Scoring tool
  • Hole-making tool
  • Two small containers of underglaze (blue & green unless different colours requested)
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge