Two Day Intensive

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Immerse yourself in the joy of clay!  Eight hours, divided into two sessions, two days in a row, brought to your space.  Both days will have a focus on the process and having fun while learning the fundamentals of hand-building and wheel throwing.

Everyone will get a chance to learn pinching, coiling, soft slab as well as try the wheel.

The second day will also include the chance to decorate pieces from the first day with underglaze.  At the end of the second class I will bring pieces to my home studio and finish them with a glaze of your choice (from a few samples).

Friday 6-9pm & Saturday 1-6pm.

Currently booking dates for February & March 2024.


8 hours total
max 6 people
(6 participants = $187.50/person)

*Note: Clean-up is a group responsibility, we will save approximately 20 minutes at the end of each class for this. Firing of your pieces is subject to me filling my large kiln, this can mean a wait for your pieces. I appreciate your patience. 

At Home Classes FAQ

What equipment is provided?

  • clay
  • two wheels
  • tools
  • additional table workspace if needed.

How much space do I need to host a class?

Each wheel work space requires a minimum 4’x3’ area with accessibility into given space.

In addition, you will need:

  • area for 3’x4’ work table(s), one per two people
  • access to water is essential, a sink is ideal, but filled buckets can also work.
  • multi-day classes will need somewhere to store clay pieces between classes.

What do I need to bring?

  • towel
  • clothes that can get dirty

Will my space get dirty/messy?

I encourage everyone to ‘clean as you go’ to keep clay contained and at the end of class we all work together to leave the space as it was. I will do a final mop at the end.

Can we eat, drink, play music?

Yes!  Unless you would like participants to wear masks, or if current Covid protocols dictate masks, then we will need to forgo snacks.

How do my clay pieces get finished?

I will bring completed pieces to my studio, do the first (bisque) firing in my kiln, then glaze pieces and fire them again. Longer classes (weekly) have the option to do the glazing yourselves.

What colour will my piece be?

I will bring a selection of 2-3 glazes for you to choose from and I will dip your piece in the chosen glaze.

When can I pick up my finished pottery?

This will vary and will be outlined in each class. Pottery has many stages, drying, first (bisque) firing, glazing, then firing a second time. Therefore pieces being finished to completion with a glaze firing are subject to my studio firing schedule and may not be glaze fired for a few weeks after the end of class. Thanks for your understanding.